A Brand Is No Longer An Identity That A Business Alone Creates

Incrementum helps your company cultivate advocacy in your customers so they can co-create your brand value.

The Relationship Of Customer To Business Is Changing

Customers are not passive anymore

Businesses need to recognize this new reality and treat customers accordingly. The Buyer's journey has become more sophisticated and customers are no longer bound to the binary role of 'buy' or 'buy not'. Digital platforms allow customers to shape brands and influence opinions about any company or product.

Instead of slogans, customers want stories

Mass communication was used to deliver a company's offering to as many customers as possible in short advertising slots. Now, companies need to listen in and observe their customers' unsatisfied needs and create stories that contain commercial value and generate positive customer experience across digital channels.

Customers are looking for instant gratification

Information is more readily available to customers than ever before, this has resulted in shorter sales cycles and quicker decision-making. Companies need to grow more sensitive to their customers' purchase paths and present buying opportunities along the way.


Continuous Communication

This means producing more content in smaller units aimed at micro target-groups and maintaining an active online presence. Incrementum deploys a content development process that will allow your business to engage directly with customers. We will identify with precision the most relevant customers for your offerings and determine what type of content they respond to and what channels they use.

Online Reputation Management

Your online reputation will impact the decisions of potential customers. We’ll help restore and protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build. At the same time, we use advanced analytics to build and optimize the content marketing programs for your potential customers that add further value to your online reputation. This type of customer expression is also heavily weighed to influence search engine results.

Consistent Experience Across Multiple Platforms

The marketing funnel is now distributed across different platforms and websites on the internet. Each step in the funnel represents the progression of a customer's psychological state towards the final purchase decision. Incrementum develops authentic content that is contextually appropriate and unifies your business identity across multiple ecosystems. This allows your customers to dynamically inteact with your message through out their path to purchase.

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