How Confident Are You In The Status Of Visa-Bound Resources?

With the expected reduction in resources coupled with the tightening of regulations, it’s important that companies don’t get caught with exposed resources.

Existing Analytics Don’t Show The Whole Picture For Visa-Bound Workers

Increasing Pressur

Hiring top talent in the technology industry is challenging. Historically companies have turned to foreign talent to fill the gap, but rhetoric about immigration reform and new restrictions on foreign talent has HR departments scrambling for solutions. How will YOU find enough talent, ensure they will be “hassle free” and place tighter controls around foreign worker compliance?

Poor Resource Quality

29% of CEOs said that they were unable to pursue a market opportunity because of talent constraints. Only 10% of staffing firms emphasize worker quality. In addition, there simply are not enough solutions to track relevant talent-supplier information.

Fake Resumes

Resumes ARE NOT the best way to determine the relevancy of candidates to a role. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 58% of hiring managers said they’ve caught a lie on a resume. It is important to have checks in your hiring workflow to determine the suitability of a candidate to a position.


Source Quality Candidates Quickly

VendorTrack allows you to “go beyond” what’s on the resume and compare candidates on certified skills and proven performance. Ever wonder if you really need a candidate with a BS in Computer Science or if a recent graduate of a Bootcamp would be just as effective, but at a much lower cost? Our system provides source comparison ratings, and rates the quality of candidates coming out of each type of talent source.

Supplier Rating

Complete projects on-time and under-budget by gaining deeper insights on your suppliers based on their ability to deliver resources, the quality and performance of the delivered resources and Individual resource rating, by project. VendorTrack's sophisticated Candidate Recommendation Engine improves efficiency and accuracy in the shortlisting process by scoring candidates based on your job requirements and their past performance.

Extended Real-Time Visa-Check

``With increasing pressure on U.S. foreign-born worker programs, it is important that you are confident in the legal status of each of your visa-bound employees. VendorTrack allows you to track the legal status of your resource by providing: • Real-time visa status checks • Online Labor Condition Approval (LCA) and whether this will work for the contractor • Central repository for documentation (including Request-For-Evidence proof) • Progress toward Green Card – which may impact the resources ability to get a new visa • Duration of Stay – generally a visa holder is allowed to stay for three years, extendable to six years. This is all contingent on certain conditions being met.``

VendorTrack Allows You To Feel Confident In The Status Of Your Visa-Bound Resources.

In the digital age, working with an obsolete business infrastructure leads to friction in business performance, broken systems and increased cost of doing business.