USKC Website Revamp And Brand Development


US Knee Center Website Revamp and Brand Development


US Knee Center is a group of Healthcare Professionals committed to proving that pain from Osteoarthritis should not slow down your active lifestyle. The story of this company with such noble cause and determination needed to be told as well as spread. They came to Incrementum complaining about lack of customer base and decreased conversion rate. Unlike other health care agencies, Direct Medicare limited UK possess operational experience at Director level. Their associates are well versed in all aspects of multiple location management, from budgeting to establishing and maintaining business partnerships. They have a proven track record for effectively administering multiple implementations. This is due to effectively directing team members in the development of patient services and modifications to ensure that all health care requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules.

The Challenge

USKC needed a complete brand development along with a website revamp. Their was no active blog portal for customer retention. Their Social media platforms were not active and there was no activity on social media platform about latest news and activities of the business. They had an ineffective marketing strategy and the clients in their locality had no idea about the business and the solutions it provides. In short, the overall setup of the USKC needed to be re hauled and a fully functional digital infrastructure setup needed to be designed.

The Solution

We set forth to treat this as a simulation of what a client would experience. An internal team of designers, developers, strategists, copywriters, and project managers were assembled to begin improvements on the USKC web site and Brand. Over the course of the Incrementum’s brand development and website revamp process, Google Analytics reports, heatmaps, scrollmaps, and 1000s of visitor recordings were reviewed to identify key findings in user experience. In the first phase of the project under website development, we did content development, brand development, setup brand archetypes and defined customer personas. In the marketing strategy, we developed a video for them. We wrote a video script, edited the video and developed video illustrations. The blog portal was inactive since quite sometime. We posted 10 to 15 blogs for increased audience engagement. After that, we managed social media platforms for them and kept Social media up to date for increased customer engagement.We also provided reputation managetand did Local SEO to increase SEO rankings. Our technical team unified dashboards to keep track of digital marketing and digital identity related matrix.

The Solution

Redesigning the website

The design of the website needed change and innovation across all pages. The content on the website is a true representation of the company’s value. Therefore, it needs to be well written and aligned with the vision and mission of the company. Our designers also created a new logo for the business.

Local SEO and Analytics

USKC needed more foot traffic for their business and our team of experts helped them get found through providing accurate physical address and integrating it on the local digital maps and listings that different search engines use.

Reputation Management and Marketing Strategy

Active Social Media platform maintenance as well as blog contribution for increased audience. We also did reputation management to cater for negative reviews.
Here are some of the screen shots from the video our marketing experts developed for US Knee Center.


Here is the list of the successful outcomes of Digital Infrastructure Setup

Professional Website design

After the completion of the project, USKC team seemed quite satisfied with the look and feel of the website. The pages were designed as per their wish list and the more vibrant photographs conveying clear messages were integrated. As a result the retention time of the customers on USKC website rose from 24% to 68%

Branding and Marketing yielding results

The content developers and marketing experts at Incrementum spent tremendous effort to understand the philosophy of the US Knee Center and the services and solutions they were offering. Active Social Media participation, blog postings, brand development and unified dashboards to keep track of digital marketing and digital identity related matrix yielded great results. USKC was really satisfied about the marketing strategy and the client retention rate. The conversion rate rose to 77% and overall traffic from organic search rose to 60%.


Incrmentum has completely overhauled the look and feel of our website as well as our Digital presence. We feel that our business now gives a professional message influential enough for our customers to come to us. Overall the attitude of the Incrementum team was very supportive and they put in a lot of effort in researching about the market and latest trends. I think we have had huge results after they revamped our website and did digital marketing for us.

Jeff Wiggins

Managing Partner, USKC