Nine Commandments of Inbound Marketing

Marketing and PR departments in most organizations globally are completely broken.
Marketers generate advertisements; and that are interruptive and rely on their ability to lie to customers.
The customers are totally tired of marketers selling non-sense to them. They are searching for solutions and products like yours on the internet. They are reading everything they can find, and they are educating themselves on the best options available. They are doing that by making assessments about you by reading, listening, watching what you have said, and what others have said about you.
This sort of transparency was not available befor. But the ‘world of marketing’ has been displaced. Old PR and Marketing departments and external agencies, that traditionally sat behind their mahogany desk sipping expensive whiskeys at your expense, are unwilling to change, are not able to keep up with technology, and are failing to take advantage of the new communications networks to their full extent. Just getting subscriptions and pushing content through SalesForce, Marketo, HootSuite and HubSpot is rendering sufficient results.
You need a fundamental guidelines and a strategy for the new golden era. To do business here, you need to build a new network of conversations and offers, that your customers find artistic and useful.
People that are beginning to win in the new golden era of democratized business, ushered by internet, are the ones that adhere to a new fundamental set of ethics and practices. They establish themselves through series of offers to their potential customers that customers find enlightening and educating about available options and measures of analysis for products and services, to fulfill their needs and address breakdowns such as disappearance of good sales leads.
Naturally this sort of dialogue between you and a potential customer is established through e-books, blogs, twitter feeds, emails, events, courses, short films, courses, lectures, classes, white papers, infographics, short films, facebook updates and through many other mediums. The mediums might change but the fundamental essence for what’s good and healthy for the market, does not change.
Lean , invented by Ford, and perfected by Toyoda has become the system of choice for innovation and productizing in all corners of the world. The discipline of Marketing & PR has not yet adapted Lean, and it is our assessment that it has been mistake not to, and it is time. Considering this historical drift, we make an attempt at bringing an innovation into the discipline of Marketing and declare the following Nine Commandments of Lean Marketing:
  1. Find Thy Customer
  2. Know Thy Customers
  3. Love Thy Customers
  4. Teach Thy Customers
  5. Bare Thy Soul
  6. Test Thy Ideas
  7. Learn From Thy Experiments
  8. Produce Thy Best
  9. Community is Everything

Whenever the Nine Commandments are followed in marketing efforts, we see tremendous results and improvements in demand generation, brand reputation and inflowing business leads.

The Golden Era Marketing Book (coming soon via Amazon) outlines the wisdom, experience, case studies, strategies and tactics behind the Nine Fundamentals we have declared. The Book includes complete design for a modern marketing department and practical set of ethics, practices and strategies for marketing professionals inside and outside the organizations.

New roles, job titles, skills and distinctions are proposed and used in the creation of modern marketing departments, that produce real results today and change and evolve with time. We offer our services to help organizations of all sized build modern marketing infrastructure and practices and generate healthy sustainable leads pipeline. Our methods are based in proven marketing practices such as Inbound Marketing, Commitment Based Management and Lean Marketing.

This form the core philosophy of our values, our approach and our services to our clients.