Digital Infrastructure Setup


Developing Digital Infrastructure Setup for OnPremIT


OnPremIT promises to deliver the best solutions for all your enterprise IT needs. Their various solutions services and utilities ensure that you are equipped with the best possible resources, catering to all the needs of your IT infrastructure, no matter how big or small. After the digital transformation through Incrementum, OnPremIT’s array of efficient and streamlined IT management services help businesses organize, manage and control their organization’s networked resources, assets, and access needs. The company now feels satisfaction and confident in their broad range of products that help any organization realize their IT potential.

The Challenge

With the work becoming increasingly digital, it no longer makes any sense to use obsolete digital systems and infrastructure that increases the over all cost of doing business and make your customers unhappy. Digital agencies now need a platform, tools and strategies that are powerful and effective enough to claim digital superiority and transformation of their businesses. We’re living in a fast world where digital landscape demands efficient and effective strategies. OnPremIT was using outdated and obsolete business technologies. Our team of strategists identified the core problematic issues and created a strategy for the dgital transformation of the company.

The Solution

We started with the development of Brand for OnPremIT in which we setup the brand archetypes and developed the Brand story. Our strategists defined the target audience for OnPremIT as well as the personas. In the second phase of developing digital infrastructure for OnPremIT, we did website development. We used Java script technology to develop a pricing calculator for the company that subsequently increased the visitors of the website. In the later stage of the second phase, we developed the the content for their website. During the later stages of project, our strategists setup the presence of OnPremIT across all social media platforms to increase the visitor engagement.


Brand Development

Setting-up brand archetypes for your business to increase its digital presence across all platforms. After that, we develop brand story and define the target audience and personas for your business.

Website Development

A unique and attractive website design guarantees the conversion rate of visiotrs on your website. Afterwards, content is the main front on your website that can make or derail your customers.. We develop a unique and personalized content for your website that increases the engagement of your customers on your website.

Social Media Platforms

We setup a digital personified presence of the brand across all social media platforms.

By using Java script technology, we developed a pricing calculator.


The digital infrastructure setup provided a set of tools, road maps and strategies that enabled OnPremIT experience the digital transformation and do so in a way that demonstrated efficiency, cost-savings and ingenuity.
Here is the list of the successful outcomes

Sustainable Digital Presence

Developing a brand for a business requires expertise and efficiency that results in setting up result oriented brand archetypes and a powerful brand story.

Increased Engagement on Website

Developing a brand for a business requires expertise and efficiency that results in setting up result oriented brand archetypes and a powerful brand story.

Increased Social Media Engagement

An increased social media engagement and effective campaign across all platforms resulted in 34% increased traffic.


When we first explained Incremntum’s team about our problems, we had no idea how effectively they would take care of our worries. A complete digital infrastructure setup including brand development, website development and social media campaigns by Incrementum was awe-inspiring. There was a significant increase in our website traffic and lead generation. I think I would choose Incrementum every time I think about digital marketing of our business.

Robbie Yassine

Managing Director, On Prem IT