Cedarwoods Website Revamp and Reputation Management


Cedar Woods Assisted living is a licensed “home for the aged’ for those who are 60 years and older. Their Health and Wellness Team takes great pride in providing high quality and compassionate care to their Residents. Their full calendar of Life Enrichment activities keeps the Residents healthy, happy and engaged. The unique homelike studio/floor plans and levels of care are among the most affordable and reasonable throughout Wayne county and surrounding areas.

The Challenge

The website of the company was not gaining enough attention of the customers.The content on the website did not significantly represent the core values of the company to attract potential customers. The menu button on the home page was not visible enough where visitors on the website could be converted to leads. The services they were offering were not mentioned upfront for the audience to grab an over view about the company. The content on the website was not influential as well as meaningful to increase the conversion rate of the visitors. The biggest problem was that there was no mechanism to respond to customers’ feedback. There were a lot of negative reviews coming and the company had absolutely no criteria for response or reputation management. The Social Media platforms were not active and there was no active blog participation about the latest news and activities of the company.

The Solution

We set forth to treat this as a simulation of what a client would experience. An internal team of designers, developers, strategists, copywriters, and project managers were assembled to begin improvements on the CedarWoods website. Meeting frequency was set for every 3 days for review and strategy planning for the next cycle. Over the course of the CedarWoods website revamp process, Google Analytics reports, heatmaps, scrollmaps, and 1000s of visitor recordings were reviewed to identify key findings in user experience. From there, we determined the highest impact with the lowest effort areas for improvement. A wish list was created where areas of improvement and new ideas were added regularly as they were found or discussed. Prioritization of the wish list would happen at each cycle review and, one by one, we completed items from that list. During the first 10 days of executing our website revamp process we completed 18 improvements and ran 5 A/B testing experiments. The Homepage received the most traffic and website entrances, and yet the data showed visitor interactions were scattered and no real direction was provided to guide a visitor through the website. We decided on simplifying our background image and providing additional call to actions to direct visitors to quality website content. After reaching the 40 day mark we were happy with what we were seeing both in our data reports and also in the frequency and number of leads we had generated. After that, we also did local as well as online reputation management for them and maintained active social media platforms.


Redesigning the website

The design of the website needed change and innovation across all pages.

Content Recreation

The content of the website was drafted keeping in mind the offers and services the CedarWoods was offering.

Local and Online Reputation Management

There was no response over the bad reviews, the old website of the company was getting. Incrementum’s team did reputation management for CedarWoods and now the satisfied customers were able to express their remarks and any bad review or feedback was analzed and acted upon.

Positive Impact Of Implementation

The website revamp process and reputation management provided a set of tools and a road map that enabled CedarWoods to smoothly run the company and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, cost-savings and ingenuity.
Here is the list of the successful outcomes

Professional Website design

After the completion of the project, the CedarWoods team seemed quite satisfied with the look and feel of the website. The pages were designed as per their wish list and the more vibrant photographs conveying clear messages were integrated. As a result the retention time of the customers on CedarWoods website rose from 24% to 68%.

Content Recreation

The content developers at Incrementum spent tremendous effort to understand the philosophy of CedarWoods and the services and solutions they were offering. Our content writers created the first draft and shared with the CedarWoods team. The team gave their initial feedback on the content and changes were made as per the wish list. After the re-launch of the new website, CedarWoods team was really satisfied about the content and the client retention rate, conversion rate rose to 77% and overall traffic from organic search rose to 60%.

Happy Customers

The genre of services the company aimed to provide needed a perfect system of reputation management. After the reputation management of CedarWoods online as well as on local platforms, there was a significant increase in the happy customers of CedarWoods.


Incrmentum has completely overhauled the look and feel of our website. It now gives a professional, creative and simple image influential enough for our customers to come to us. Overall the attitude of the Incrementum team was very supportive and they put in a lot of effort in researching about the market and latest trends. I think we have had huge results after they revamped our website.

Azzam Elder

Partner, CedarWoods